Customer marketing data is important for many reasons. Knowing what your customers are thinking can be beneficial to improving both your company's products and customer service. Unfortunately, much of the data needed to have an accurate picture of your customers is unstructured. This type of data is textual and found in forums, blog comments, and emails. However, text analytic software can process and convert this information into a more usable form. The following are only a few of the more important reasons for using this type of data software. 

New customer information can be discovered

Structured data is numerical in nature, so it is limited to whatever can be captured by numbers. Text information, on the other hand, can contain much more information. It is only a question of how to convert this data into a structured, numerical form, so it can be analyzed by a computer or more readily analyzed by a human. This can be accomplished with text analytic software.

Objective analysis can be done

Although some sentiment can be gleaned by a person simply by reading what customers are saying, the conclusions drawn will always be subjective. Text analytic software can create structure to to this type of data, and then this data can be analyzed in a way that conclusions are empirically based.

The speed at which customer feedback can be analyzed

Numerical data takes time to gather. You need enough data to arrive at valid conclusions. But by the time this is accomplished, the window of opportunity to respond to market changes can already be shut. Customer feedback can be fast, but it is textual in nature. However, through the use of text analytic software, you can create structure to this data and analyze it quickly to respond to market changes affecting your company's product.

Your company will save money

If your company already understands the importance of text analytics but you're not using software for this work, you are likely wasting a lot of money on labor. To achieve results from text analysis with manual labor takes a lot of time, and this means a lot of hours dedicated simply to reading and recording data by hand. With a powerful text analytics software program, all of the data gathering is done automatically. All that is left is to analyze the data, and this is done in the same manner as any marketing department would do. The money that is saved by this software can be used in other areas of marketing, especially on action items that result from the information realized from this new data.

Text analytic software can provide new insights into your customers and do so objectively in a quick time frame while being a cost effective too in marketing for your company. For more information, talk to companies like DiscoverText.