After an election, there are always groups of people who are ramped up and not happy about the results. These people will scream for a recount, citing whatever it is that they think went wrong with the election. A recount is incredibly expensive, and not something taxpayers want to pay for. You can use automated polling to see if a recount is even worth it. Here is how.

Poll All Houses to See What Percentage Wants a Recount

Usually, recounts are only the demand of the minority. Results of an election are rarely altered, and in fact, often prove that the winner is definitely the winner. An example is the presidential election of 2016, where five states did a recount, and discovered that the current POTUS was not only the winner, but still the winner by a fraction more than originally reported.

However, the public can be polled automatically to see if a recount is really what everyone wants. The automated polling machine can ring every home wherein there is a registered voter, and ask a couple of quick questions to see if each voter agrees with the recount demand. If enough voters polled reply to the automated machine that they want a recount, a recount is carried out.

Poll to Verify Choice

The automated polling machine can also be programmed to accept answers to questions regarding voter's original selections. This may be a better option in smaller areas where there is a potential problem with recording votes accurately. Hand-written ballots and areas that are only able to take these ballots are examples of where an automated polling device can call voters and ask them to press a number to verify the candidate they voted for. This makes the recount process not only quicker, but also much more accurate than counting votes by hand.

Polling to Find out If There Is Going to Be a Recall

There are still going to be lots of unhappy people after an election. These people, after getting the results of a recount, may move forward with a recall election. If they succeed, it helps to know if that is their intention, and just how many people may switch sides with their votes in a recall election.

Polling after-Election Results

When a recount has been taken, and the winner is still the confirmed winner of the election, you can poll voters once more. Getting an idea of the final post-election results and the post-election atmosphere projects a view of voters' satisfaction with the recount process. Voters are entitled to request a recount, but when the results are essentially the same, it helps to know who is still upset and why. Political statistics gather this information to determine how far the new president will have to go to gain the dissidents' favor.

Programming the Automated Polling Machines

These machines are easy enough to program for whatever questions you want to ask. To set them up, you may need the assistance of a company representative that can show you how it is done. After that, you can program the machines to auto-dial voters with a push of the button. The recorded responses are held until polling volunteers are able to record them and enter the official data. 

You usually have to buy such a machine and get a license to operate it. It is plugged into a phone outlet in the wall, and allowed to access all phone land lines. It can be disconnected and the data interrupted if the cord is accidentally unplugged, so make sure that you have it positioned out of the way of foot traffic.