Over 90% of Americans over the age of 12 listen to the radio every week. Although you can use the radio to market local business effectively, you can also use radio advertising to raise charitable donations for your local cause.

Here are some ways to advertise your local charity on your local radio station.


Businesses not only incentivized to give back to charity for tax purposes, but they can also generate a positive buzz within the community by partnering with a local charity. If you spearhead a local charity, you should consider creating a partnership with a local business. You can then market this partnership on the radio.

  • Live Spots: radio advertising is delivered, primarily, to people in their cars. This means that your audience is already out and about when they hear your radio advertisement. You can advertise an event at the local business(es) you partner with on location. For instance, you might have the radio station broadcast from your local carwash. This radio marketing idea will drub up customers, in addition to more funds and exposure for your local charity.
  • Event Sponsors: if your charity is hosting a local event, you can have businesses advertise on the radio for the event. Paying for the spot on the radio can serve as the business partner's charitable contribution to your organization.

Children and Animals

Creating an advertisement campaign for charity is about cultivating emotions for your cause.  People respond emotionally to furry creatures and children more than just about anything else:

  • Jingles: because radio is an auditory medium, you can't show pictures of children in your radio spot. You can, however, use children to create a jingle for your cause. These radio jingles are simple to make, using a nursery rhyme as a musical framework and adding a few rhyming lines about your charity can make a campy advertisement that's irresistibly cute. The radio station you intend to run your add through can likely help you find a recording studio to create your simple jingle.
  • Pet-Friendly Events: hosting pet-friendly events is a novel and innovative way to associate your charity's cause with a potential donor's favorite furry friend. Venues like dog parks and local trails have the space and amenities you'll need to pull off an event of this nature. When you advertise these events on the radio, you can create events that are family-friendly and attractive to a wide swath of demographics.

For more information, contact your local radio sponsorships service.