Direct mail retargeting is a strategy that allows you to identify the location of website visitors and follow up by sending them direct mail. Direct mail is still an effective way of reaching customers and connecting with people. When sending out direct mail campaigns, you need to know how to formulate them.

#1 Know Who Your Audience Is

First, you need to know who your audience is. The more you narrow and target your audience, the better you are going to be at creating a message that connects with your audience.

For example, if you know that you want to target women, dig deeper. What age of women? What interests do these women have? What motivates and drives these women? Work to build a detailed picture of who the person is who you are targeting. You want to create a profile of this woman.  

#2 Focus Your Message

Second, you need to really focus your message. What are you wanting to sell to the customer? Are you trying to sell a product? Are you trying to sell a service? Are you trying to just create connections with other individuals?

You need to know what your message is. Once you define your message, focus that message. Ensure all your images and your words connect and drive home your message. With a direct marketing campaign, you only have so much space, so be precise and direct

#3 Have a Call to Action

Third, include an action message. Your action message should be concise and clear. It needs to include and use action words. Your customers need to know without what you want them to do.

Are you looking for your customers to call you? Make a purchase? Use a discount code? Refer a friend and get a bonus? Make sure your action message on your mailer is direct and clear. You can test this out by finding people outside of your business and asking if they fully understand the purpose of the mail.

#4 Connect the Marketing to Your Company

Finally, make sure you connect the marketing to your company. Including your website address so that people can connect and learn more about your business. Include a phone number if you want more direct contact with your business.

Retargeting through direct marketing is a great tool for connecting with website visitors and turning them into customers. The more you define your audience and the message, the better your results will be. 

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