Getting to know your consumer on a personal level and how they live their everyday life is the key to understanding just how a certain product or service will fit in. If you are a business owner who needs this insight, ethnography market research is something you really should get to know. Take a look at some of the common questions about this user experience research method. 

What is ethnography market research exactly?

Ethnography market research, in general terms, is a research method that is done by a professional marketing team or individual. Interviews that are done of the consumer take place right in the consumer's home. Surveys may be provided, assessments may be done of everyday life, and the consumer may be given certain tasks to do with certain products just to get an idea of how those products would be used. These in-depth meetings give marketing researchers a peek at everyday consumer life on a more personal level. 

What are the advantages of ethnography market research?

There are multiple advantages of ethnography market research that are easily recognized right away. People at home interact with products in a different way than what they may do in public. Even answers to surveys can be influenced by a group when an interviewed consumer is in a group setting or somewhere other than their home. In addition, in-home interviews allow a researcher to see how products come up in the everyday home environment for the consumer. For instance, if the researcher wants to see how internet services are used in the typical home, they may observe that the consumer has a smart television, their phone connected to wi-fi when at home instead of using data, and is using smart home devices. 

What does ethnography international market research mean?

In general terms, ethnography market research with the international designation is exactly as it sounds. Marketing researchers are sent to international locations to do in-home interviews and assessments of consumers. If your business has an international consumer base, these interviews can be incredibly valuable for your marketing plan. There can be great variances between what consumers do in their home with products domestically compared to what international consumers do. 

Does ethnography market research always take place in-home?

There are several different types of ethnography market research, actually. In-home research is just the most common form of this process. Marketing analysts also conduct in-store, in-office, and in-the-field market research utilizing the ethnography market research principles. 

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