Whether you work for a real estate company or are an independent agent, you're always in need of self-promotion. In addition to being one of the most competitive industries, there is a constant influx of new clients flooding the market, and you want to be the first one to catch them.

1. Make Every Online Connection Possible

Even if people aren't actually busy, they all like to appear so busy that they don't have time for much outside of necessities. To fit into their busy lives, you must connect with them online. Be seen on professional places like LinkedIn and be heard on casual platforms like Twitter; showcase your listings on photo-specific sites like Instagram and stay connected with everyone, local, national, and beyond, on networks that offer high-quality advertising capabilities, such as Facebook. 

2. Incentivize Referrals In Your Circles

While it's an acceptable business practice to ask people to refer you to other potential buyers and sellers, it's marketing genius to energize the offer with an irresistible incentive, such as tickets to a sporting event, free dinner at the newest restaurant in town, or a gift card to a popular retailer. Work with your local businesses so that your incentive is a great advertising tactic for them, and you should end up with at least a few freebies to give away rather than purchasing them out-of-pocket. Either way, your incentives should motivate people to share your name and number, creating new clients and generating leads.

3. Design Your Business Cards With Intent

If your card looks like every other, chances are it will end up in the back of a wallet or in someone's collection, where it will stay. However, if your business card stands out in some unique and fantastic ways, people will be more likely to keep it out and, more importantly, show it to others. Holographic business cards, cards that feature a local landmark, or even business cards that have humor will make people remember them and, hopefully, share them.

Have an outstanding logo, truncate your name, such as shortening Susan R. Smith to "Sue Smith" or Manuel Diego to "Manny D" so that the name sticks in people's minds, and readily pass out your fabulous business cards at every opportunity. Leave them on community bulletin boards or in popular local eateries, and use an image of your card on your website and all social media accounts.

4. Use Photo And Content Professionals

Unless you're a pro with a camera and a keyboard, outsource at least some of your listings. Create a blog and hire a writer to create enticing and informative posts. Use only professional-grade photographs and videos and make sure your site is highly functional, optimized to the Nth degree and boosted in the search engines with effective marketing and SEO techniques.

5. Employ A Lead Generation Service

As good as your marketing maneuvering may be, you still need a source of leads that's reliable, steady, and up-to-the-minute. Therefore, it's also a good idea to connect with a lead generation service, both in your neighborhood and out of the area, to keep you at the forefront of the buyer and seller crowd. Use online lead generators, but be sure to make contact with real people too to discuss your specifics and to have the opportunity to make an amazing impression on them (which could ultimately lead to exclusive leads and other perks).

As talented a real estate agent as you are, you still need constant real estate agent advertising to reach new clients. Use all the tools technology has to offer, shake as many hands as possible, and be as outstanding and memorable as possible, and you should eventually be the hottest agent in your territory.