If you want to launch a new product, coming up with an innovative name for the product is just as important as perfecting the product itself. The product name is a big part of your marketing efforts, and it should capture the product's essence in a few words.

Here are a few tips to help you come up with an innovative name for your product:

Outline the Message You Want to Convey

Before brainstorming a list of possible names for your product, it is important to first understand what message you want your product name to communicate. This will give you a better idea of the type of name that would be most appropriate. Ask yourself what kind of feeling or reaction you want people to have when they see or hear the product name.

Do you want it to be something memorable and unique, or something simple and straightforward? Are you looking to evoke a certain emotion or convey a specific message? Once you have answers to these questions, you can start brainstorming names that align with the message you want to communicate.

If you want people to feel like your product is modern and ahead of the curve, for example, then coming up with a name that sounds cutting-edge and innovative would be a good place to start. This will apply best if what you're launching is a tech product or something similar.

On the other hand, if you're selling a product that is natural and eco-friendly, a name that sounds organic and rustic would be more appropriate.

The message you want to communicate should also be reflected in the tone of the product name. If you're selling a luxurious and high-end product, the product name should sound sophisticated and classy. But keep in mind that the product name needs to be reflective of the actual product. It shouldn't be misleading in any way or make false promises.

In addition, some product names are meant to be clever or funny, while others are meant to be more serious. It all depends on what you think your target audience will respond to.

Make Use of Feedback

After coming up with a few possible product names, it is always a good idea to get feedback from people who would be potential customers or users of the product.

You can do this by conducting surveys or interviews with a group of people that fit your target demographic. Ask them what they think of the product name and if it makes them want to learn more about it.

Take note of their comments and suggestions, as they can give you valuable insight into what works and what doesn't. It's also a good way to get a feel for how people would actually react to the product name once it's out in the market.

In some cases, you might even want to consider holding a contest where people can submit their own ideas for the product name. This is a great way to generate a lot of ideas and get people excited about the product before it even launches. 

Reach out to a company that offers product name research to find out more.